Rob Webster

In the Covid-19 catch-up, beware intervention traps

When schools open up, many will use TA interventions to help catch-up - but there are pitfalls to avoid, says Rob Webster

In the Covid-19 catch-up rush, don’t trip on intervention traps

Reggie says that he has not seen his teacher for three days. It’s not strictly true. He’s definitely seen his teacher, but he has been spending a lot of time outside of the classroom. And when he is in the classroom, he doesn’t actually have that much interaction with her.

So when he says he hasn’t seen his teacher, what seven-year-old Reggie really means is that he has not been taught by her. To him, though, it amounts to the same thing.

Reggie has been spending most of his time with Ms Wrightson doing small-group activities. Ms Wrightson is the class teaching assistant. She’s in charge ...

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