Simon Creasey

Tes focus on…Should schools teach students how to be happy?


Teachers are supposed to focus on grades, but should their priority instead be to make students feel good? Economist Richard Layard tells Simon Creasey why he believes the two aims aren’t mutually exclusive and why giving children regular contentment classes could have a lasting impact beyond the school gates

Tes focus on... happiness lessons

Think of the 30 children sitting in your class: how many of them would you say are happy? It’s not a question you will often be asked. How are they progressing? How much are they learning? Are they on track? Are their any safeguarding concerns? These bases are all regularly covered. But not happiness. Is it even a teacher’s job to make a child happy?

Professor Lord Richard Layard thinks so. The esteemed British economist – currently programme director for wellbeing at the Centre for Economic Performance at the London School of Economics – believes that a nation’s happiness levels are a ...

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