Angela's story

We spoke to Angela Mackenzie to find out how she went from unqualified teacher to geography teacher.

When I was applying to become a teacher I had to make sure that the course was suitable for myself, my school and my young family. Straight to Teaching was the only option that suited everyone and it also allowed me to keep earning whilst working towards Qualified Teacher Status (QTS).

Having access to the online content was crucial as it gave me the ability to enhance my knowledge alongside teaching when it suited me - and of course the lack of paperwork was great too! As well as that - the support network from my school and pathway tutor was excellent throughout.

My teaching has improved immeasurably since starting the course and I have noticed a difference in my pupils who are more confident, organised and prepared. I would definitely recommend the Straight to Teaching route for those with enough experience.

Straight to Teaching

Our Straight to Teaching programme will prepare you for qualified teacher status (QTS) assessment via our Assessment Only route while you continue to work at your current school. It’s a high quality, low-cost route to becoming a qualified teacher that’s personalised to you and your school.