Izzy's story

We spoke to Izzy about how she went from law student to math teacher

Degree subject? 

Law, University of Warwick

Teaching subject?


What were you doing before teacher training?

I was cover teaching, which I am continuing to do before starting my teacher training this September.  

Why did you choose Tes Institute for your SKE course?

It was recommended to me as a great online course - I also use Tes resources in my lessons, so I’d already heard of them and trusted the name.

How important was it that your SKE course was online versus a face-to-face course?

An online SKE course was absolutely vital for me as I was able to continue working at the same time. I also suffer from a disability, which means I struggle to travel too far.

What support did you get during the programme?

My Pathway tutor has been fantastic, always pushing me to go further but it is an incredibly independent course, meaning that you put in as much work as you want to. For those who lead busy lives, that becomes a little dangerous at some points but as long as you stay focused it’s a great course!

How much has your understanding of the subject changed?

I’ve not yet finished the course, but my understanding has certainly changed in respect of the way I think about maths - I’m no longer focusing as a student, but rather how to teach a student. Each week I think of new methods to teach a topic and usually create my own resources for the session. In honesty, I feel more nervous than ever to teach as I have forgotten a large amount but I’m sure this will be better once the school year starts. I really do believe that my changing perspective has significantly helped my teaching and has led me to question each lesson activity so as to ascertain its helpfulness to students. Moreover, it has gotten me in the mindset of assessing my work once I’ve completed it, vital for teacher training.  

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