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Tes focus on…How to beat teacher stress


The demands on teachers’ cognitive capacity are constantly increasing, leading to a risk of chronic stress, warns Mithu Storoni. But fear not – she tells Simon Creasey how staff can avoid burnout and what school leaders can do to support them

How to beat teacher stress

Work, in general, is becoming more stressful for everyone. And that is not just about longer hours or more jobs being squeezed into fewer roles, as many media reports suggest. According to Mithu Storoni, it is also because work is making new demands on us.

Storoni is a physician and researcher interested in chronic stress and its implications for mental wellbeing, decision making, performance and brain health. She’s also the author of Stress-Proof: the scientific solution to protect your brain and body – and be more resilient every day.

Historically, she explains, our grandparents and ...

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