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We've been supporting schools and teachers since 1910. Today our whole school wellbeing solutions help educators worldwide to flourish.

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Expert guides

flexible working

How to timetable for effective flexible working

Explore the benefits of flexible working and how to effectively manage it in your school.

wellbeing culture

10 ways to create a culture of wellbeing in your school

Find out why and how you can create a culture of positive wellbeing in your school.

Wellbeing report

Tes Wellbeing Report 2023

Our survey of more than 1,500 staff in schools across the globe offers a comprehensive picture of wellbeing in education worldwide.

wellbeing questions

10 essential wellbeing questions to ask your staff

Use these questions to start meaningful conversations about staff wellbeing.

Wellbeing webinars

Timetabling for wellbeing

Can your timetable improve teacher and pupil wellbeing?

Jean-Paul Papineau, director of pedagogy at Christ Church Grammar School in Western Australia shares how school timetabling can, and should, begin from a perspective of staff and pupil wellbeing.

Wellbeing articles

wellbeing data

Turning wellbeing data into action

Discover how our wellbeing survey tool can help you create change in your school community.

wellbeing charter

5 ways we can help with staff wellbeing

See how our trusted education solutions can help you to measure wellbeing.


6 causes of work related stress

Learn how you can manage work-related stress for yourself and your school.

Software and training courses to support wellbeing

From timetabling software to incorporate flexible working and wellbeing surveys to understand how staff are feeling, to whole school training to develop skills, knowledge and confidence, as well as a range of other products to save time and support staff, our trusted education solutions can help you to prioritise and enhance wellbeing in your school.

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