3 ways Study plans can maximise your training strategy

Take control of your school's training strategy with the new Study plans feature available on Develop, our whole-school online training platform.

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CPD is being widely touted as the key to Covid catch-up and teacher retention. From helping staff to spot undiagnosed special educational needs and safeguarding interventions, to increasing staff wellbeing and job satisfaction.

But we know how difficult it can be to implement in practice. First there’s the question of when training can take place, with staff already struggling under heavy workloads. Secondly your school needs to ensure that the CPD on offer supports each staff member’s individual needs and ensures your whole school is up to date and compliant with the latest statutory guidance. Then there’s the cost of expensive offsite training days and the consequent supply cover.

But we can help your school to overcome all these issues. Our whole-school online training platform Develop, can provide all staff with unlimited and flexible access to over 130 courses covering professional studies, subject knowledge, safeguarding and duty of care.

And our new Study plans feature allows your school to quickly assign mandatory training and easily and efficiently create personalised CPD journeys tailored to staff's individual needs.

Request a demo todayHere are three ways that Study plans can help your school to maximise your training strategy.

1. Assign mandatory staff training

To keep all staff up to date and compliant with the latest statutory guidance, there’s often mandatory training that they need to complete. Study plans make it quick and easy for your school to assign mandatory training to all or some staff members. Simply set up a plan and add the courses that need to be completed selecting them as mandatory. You can then choose to assign the courses on the plan to all staff or choose individual staff members from your list, and set relative or fixed target dates for completion.

Providing peace of mind that mandatory training has been allocated to everyone who needs it.

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2. Create personalised learning journeys

Providing individual staff members with their own personalised learning plan can be time consuming and difficult to achieve. But it’s easy with Study plans. It enables your school to create personalised learning plans for individual staff members or to create plans for a group of staff who could benefit from the same courses. Again, you can simply set up the plan and add the relevant courses and users.

Giving staff the training they want and need to develop and progress in their careers, and the ability to study at a time and pace that suits them and your school.

Add user to study plan image3. Manage all your plans in one place

Whenever you create a new study plan it will appear in your school’s list of study plans, making it easy to keep on top of all staff training and track start and end dates. You can also edit your plans and add new plans all in one place.

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To learn more about how our online training platform Develop, and our Study plans feature can help your school to maximise your training strategy, request a demo today.