Could your talented TAs become our next superhero teachers?

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A recent survey conducted by Tes Institute showed that one in five Teaching Assistants already have a degree and are interested in gaining QTS. Scaled up, this could total around 75,000 potential trainee teachers. That’s an average of four potential new teachers per school.

Unqualified teachers already in your school may have experience and qualifications – all they need is the right development. That’s where Straight to Teaching comes in. It’s a personalised, high quality, low cost alternative to initial teacher training that will prepare your TAs to be assessed for Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) via our Assessment Only (AO) route.

The programme provides an alternative route to initial teacher training courses and is available across primary and secondary mainstream, independent, SEND and international schools teaching the English national curriculum.

Best of all, your TAs can qualify without leaving your school.

2,000 teachers

We're proud to say that 2,000 teachers have now qualified to teach through Tes Institute and over 1,000 schools have supported them to get there.

Could your school help your talented TAs and unqualified teachers achieve their dreams next?

We've got a range of programmes to help your staff take the next step in their career, including Straight to Teaching, which allows them to work towards QTS without leaving your school. So why not take a look and discover how you can help them gain their QTS superpowers today?

See the stats behind our superheroes' success

Our superhero teachers, their schools and their pathway tutors have been working hard! Get the lowdown on the routes they've taken, the support they've had and the difference they'll make.


Find out more view our range of programmes here.

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