Did your school and staff have a good 2019?

Why asking for continuous feedback is better than an end of year or end of term survey.

Catherine McNally, Marketing

2019 Staff Pulse

Reflecting on the year, do you know how your staff have really found it? Are they tired but happy? Frustrated with how things have gone? Are any of your staff thinking about leaving?

If you receive this information all at once, you may be overwhelmed with the feedback. And it may be too late to put in place improvements that’ll help you retain your staff.

A regular staff survey gives you a good overview of where problems might be and where the first changes need to be made.

Having a continuous conversation as opposed to one annual survey can give you a much better measurement of what’s going on at your school and connects you to your staff much more closely. Put staff wellbeing at the heart of what you do for the start 2020 .

Regular surveys also allow you to celebrate the successes, while dealing with the areas of concern.

In September we launched a new product, Staff Pulse. Whatever your school goals - from celebrating your school’s successes to improving staff engagement and reducing teacher turnover - Staff Pulse can support you to better understand your staff and create positive organisational change.

Through short, anonymous surveys Staff Pulse helps you to make the right changes to support them.

Enquire about Staff Pulse and book a free demo today.

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