How Class Charts can improve your school life

See how our award-winning classroom management tool can help staff and students alike

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Class Charts is our all-in-one classroom management tool, designed by a former teacher who understands the challenges in schools first-hand.

The Bett award-winning system helps to create a positive classroom culture through data-driven tracking and analysis, making communication with parents more effective, while improving day-to-day behaviour in class and engagement with learning.

It streamlines classroom management, reducing teacher workload and empowering senior leadership teams with real-time data for informed decision-making.

How we help teachers

Less low-level disruption

Since using Class Charts at their school, 80 per cent of staff believe it has had an impact on reducing low-level disruption with 55 per cent stating that it has had a major impact.

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Better differentiation

Offering the right differentiation can be challenging, especially with new classes, but our time-saving seating plans display key pupil data so that teachers can instantly understand the needs and abilities of their students.

Faster behaviour recording

Class Charts frees up teacher time spent recording behaviour incidents, with 89 per cent of our teachers saying they now record behaviour incidents in less than 30 seconds.

“Class Charts is a very efficient and effective way of addressing low level disruption in lessons.”
Vanessa Hanson, assistant principal, Saint John Wall Catholic School, Birmingham

How we help senior leaders

Saving time (and lots of it)

In our most recent survey, 96 per cent of senior leaders said Class Charts saves them time, with an average of 58 hours per year saved on behaviour analysis.

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Offering the right data

Our easy-to-use reporting system means leaders have the right information at the right time, so they can see where behaviour issues are occurring and address them swiftly.

Being ready for inspections

Our powerful data analysis tools assist with timetabling, early identification of students at risk and instant reports, which are perfect for showing inspectors that you’re taking a proactive approach.  

“This was great to show during our recent Ofsted inspection, they loved it!”
John Spurling, vice principal, Houghton Regis Academy, Dunstable

How we help students

Points make prizes

Our Rewards Store module is a great motivator for students, enabling them to spend their positive points on whatever you decide to offer them access to.

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Easy homework management

With Class Charts, there’s no need for pupils to write homework in their planners or take worksheets home, as they can see what homework they need to complete and can check it off once it’s done.

Up-to-date information for families

You can keep parents and carers informed about attendance, behaviour, homework and any issues that arise in real-time with the easy-to-use Class Charts app.

To see how Class Charts could help your school, simply fill in your details to request a demo and one of our team will be in touch soon.

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