How to ease the admin burden of managing school plays

Organising a school play can turn into a time-consuming chore, but it doesn’t need to be. Tes Clubs and Events, powered by SchoolCloud, can help make it easier for school staff and parents alike.

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Manage your school Christmas plays with ease

It's almost the festive season, which means holiday music, mince pies and, most importantly, school plays, are almost upon us.

School plays can often add to workload burdens but our software can change that. Tes Clubs and Events can help reduce the admin work around setting up schools plays and getting people to sign up and book tickets. Repetitive tasks, including collecting payment, can be managed in one secure system, saving schools valuable time.  

Parents can also book online, meaning no more paper slips going missing. Less paperwork means happier school staff and less stress for parents. With Tes Clubs and Events, parents have all the information they need in one place – such as where and when the play is – and they can sign up easily via the app and make a payment online. 

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Here’s how Tes Clubs and Events makes it easy to sell tickets for school productions:

Chargeable tickets

Accept payments online or in cash. You can require immediate, full payment when booking or allow parents to pay later. Track the payment status for each parent and view revenue from each play.

Booking limits

Limit the number of tickets per family, student or parent. You can also specify if they can split the tickets across multiple performances.

Questions and forms

Collect useful information during the booking process with customisable questions for parents. Questions can be answered in a textbox, a pre-defined list, or yes/no options.

Tes Clubs and Events

Organise more than just school plays with Tes Clubs and Events

With Tes Clubs and Events, you can organise all types of school events including school trips and sports fixtures. Easily manage your event with invitations, sign up, consent, payments and attendance registration all managed online.