How to make paperwork easier for SENCOs

Discover how our SEND management information system, Provision Map, can support you to manage students with SEND and improve learning outcomes, while providing comprehensive evidence for inspections.

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How to make paperwork easier for sencos with Provision MAp

It’s well reported Sendcos face a tremendous amount of pressure against a backdrop of budget cuts and increased expectations. In fact, Bath Spa University and Nasen found 74% of Sendcos don’t have enough time to ensure students on SEN support are able to access the provision they need.

The report also found nearly half of all primary Sendcos (47%) and over a third of secondary Sendcos (36%) had two days or less per week to focus on the role. 43% of primary Sendcos and 71% of secondary Sendcos work over nine extra hours a week.

It also highlighted 30% would leave the role in five years and only a third (34%) said they intend to be in the role in five years’ time and of the 30% who said they wouldn’t be, half (49%) cited workload reasons while 45% blamed a lack of funds allocated to SEN.

Reduce SEN workload with Provision Map

How can we make paperwork easier?

With Provision Map, part of Tes

Provision Map makes it easy for SENCO's to track costs, provision reviews and support student outcomes. With it you can document, review and evidence interventions and how you're supporting students with SEND all in one place.

1. Easy provision mapping

Provision mapping doesn’t need to be time consuming for SENCOs. Our software makes it fast and easy to map out interventions and to keep track of what students and staff are involved in each intervention you’re running. Just create a provision and then click to add students – simple and effective!

2. Streamline reviews

Reviewing is a key part of supporting students with additional needs and with our automatic reminders, you’ll never miss a review again. Reviewing a plan or provision is quick and easy and complies with the SEND Code of Practice.

3, Instant reports

Cost, time, pupil premium and outcome reports are available at the click of a button. Our reporting engine saves your staff hours of time every day. Just choose the criteria you require and a detailed report is instantly available.

5. Information from staff

Getting information from staff about students can be difficult, but our optional School Robins plugin makes it easier. You can request all the information you need via email and all of their replies are collated and attached to the student in one centralised location, saving Sendcos time hunting down paperwork!

6. Fantastic customer support

Provision Map is designed and supported by a team of teachers with a combined experience of over 60 years in the classroom. Abigail, our resident SENCO has 20 years’ experience working in SEN and is always on hand to help with expert advice. We know what it’s like to work in a school and our expert team do their very best to support you every step of the way

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Our easy-to-use provision mapping and learning plan tools can save SENCOs four hours a week* and our reporting function has helped schools gain an average of £7,500* in extra funding (UK). 


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*Tes Provision Map customer feedback survey, March 2022.

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