How online parents’ evening can boost parent engagement

Parents’ evenings are an important part of the school calendar, but can often be an admin challenge for parents.

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Online parents evenings

Conversations with parents can have a transformative effect on young people’s achievement, helping to cement the bonds between school and home. But there can be many issues that can hinder this engagement, from the challenges of finding childcare and time off work, to feeling restrained in speaking freely in a crowded school hall. The result is a sadly missed opportunity to increase connection and address any potential problems that may be arising. 

But Tes Parents’ Meetings, powered by SchoolCloud, can help all of your families to feel included, offering an easy-to-use online system and secure, encrypted video calls. Here’s how it works.

Simple online booking
With Tes Parents’ Meetings, the days of rooting around for a crumpled appointment slip are no more. Parents simply choose their own appointment times, with the teachers they want to see. The system also offers an automatic booking mode to find the most efficient appointment schedule for parents in the shortest amount of time possible. And for busy teachers, parents can join a waiting list and receive a follow-up from the teacher later.  


Online parents evening demo

A better approach for complex lives
For parents who may have working commitments or childcare difficulties, Tes Parents’ Meetings offers the flexibility to schedule appointments at a time that suits everyone. Likewise, the system enables parents to join the call from different locations, anywhere in the world, which can ease concerns about tensions among separated parents, for example.

Effective scheduling
It’s a stress for teachers and families alike when parents’ evening schedules are disrupted by overrunning appointments, queue-jumpers and so on. But Tes Parents’ Meetings ensures conversations keep to the allotted time with a countdown clock and warning as a time slot is coming to its end. And a sensible gap can be automatically inserted between appointments to ensure parents arrive at their next appointment on time, without worries.


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