How Provision Map can help your primary school

From SEN support to better staff collaboration and easier reporting, discover how Provision Map can help your primary school.

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Our easy-to-use software, Provision Map, can help to streamline your SEN processes, improve collaboration and ensure that all students receive the support they need to succeed. Here’s five ways it can help:

1.     SEN support:   Provision Map software allows schools to create and manage individual education plans (IEPs) for pupils with special educational needs (SEN). The software makes it easy to track progress and ensure that appropriate support is provided.

2.     Provision mapping:   schools can map provision across the school to identify areas of strength and weakness. This helps schools to make informed decisions about where to allocate resources.

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3.     Data management:   simplify data management by storing all information about pupils in one place. Making it easy to access information quickly and ensuring that data is accurate and up to date.

4.     Streamlined reporting:   easily generate reports for senior leadership teams, governors and external agencies. Reports can be tailored to specific requirements, and data can be presented in a variety of formats.

5.     Easier collaboration:   enable teachers, SENCOs and other staff members to collaborate on individual education plans and provision maps. Ensuring everyone is working together to provide the best possible support for pupils.


Read our case study to see how Provision Map has transformed how Abbey Primary School manage their SEN workload, helping the school to improve pupil outcomes and create an environment where all pupils can thrive.


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