How schools can make parents’ evenings easier

It's hard for schools to manage the admin burden of organising meetings that run efficiently and it's often difficult for parents, many who are juggling various commitments, to attend face-to-face meetings. Online meetings can help.

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We all know that parents’ evenings are a vital part of the school calendar, but there’s no denying that they can be an admin challenge for all involved, from school staff to parents. 

Tes Parents’ Meetings, powered by SchoolCloud can help. It’s an easy-to-use online platform, designed to enable schools to simplify the entire process of parents’ evenings, from easy online booking to secure, encrypted video conversations. Here’s how it can help:

Admin staff

Tes Parents’ Meetings enables parents to book their own appointments in the online platform, which means admin staff are freed up from creating and distributing paper appointment sheets, and chasing up on those who aren’t able to come along. The system also seamlessly integrates with school management systems to sync teachers, students, parents and classes.

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With the ability to book their appointments online, parents don’t need to worry about finding the paper slip languishing at the bottom of a book bag (or lost entirely) and can instead save time and stress with a few clicks. Likewise, opting for online meetings can lighten the load around logistics such as booking time off work, arranging childcare and negotiating travel.  


One of the biggest concerns for teachers on parents’ evenings is appointments running over and the schedule collapsing. With Tes Parents’ Meetings, a sensible gap between appointments can be automatically inserted to ensure parents arrive at their next appointment on time (whether online or in person), and most schools report their parents’ evenings run more smoothly as a result.


Schools that use Tes Parents’ Meetings tell us that the simplicity of the system has improved their levels of parental engagement. What’s more, the easy online tracking means that leaders can demonstrate this boost to inspectors with data.


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