How to support pupil, staff and parental wellbeing

Mark Steed, principal and CEO of Kellett School in Hong Kong tells us how he supported pupil, staff and parental wellbeing during school closures.

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Support your school through school closures

In these uncertain times, we're still here by your side, helping you to do what you do best and prepare for the months ahead. 
In early April, we hosted a free webinar on how to support pupil, staff and parental wellbeing when your school is closed. Mark chatted through the structures his school put in place and discussed some of the issues and challenges they faced. It included how his school has identified pupils who are struggling with working from home, how they provided counselling and support through video-conferencing and how they moved their community wellbeing events online.

Here, we’ve complied the commonly asked questions and answers that Mark couldn't respond to on the live webinar.

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