How your timetable can improve student satisfaction

Timetabling is complicated, but with the right approach you can ensure more students are able to study their preferred subjects, resulting in greater satisfaction for the whole community

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Elective line generation can be a complicated business, and it can feel impossible to cater for competing needs and create a timetable that works for everyone. 

The optimal outcome is for every student to get the subject choices they’d like, of course, but budget restraints mean that there is a limit to the amount of extra classes and staff that can be used.  

There is a simple way to make your timetable as efficient as possible, however: by using our intelligent algorithms. Our suite of timetabling software can consider 30,000 alternate timetables per second, helping you to create options that offer the highest levels of student satisfaction, as well as balanced class sizes and budgets.  

How Tes Timetable improves student satisfaction:

  • Enables students to access courses at other schools or campuses (from schools within a MAT, or schools with multiple campuses, or separate schools that have an agreement)
  • Generates elective lines that offer the highest possible rates of satisfaction whilst also ensuring cost effectiveness 
  • Simplifies student selection by offering an online process via the student portal
  • Eliminates paper forms and ensures students select the correct number and type of subjects to meet school-specific curriculum requirements

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Our intelligent timetabling algorithms don’t just ensure the highest levels of student satisfaction, but also optimise flexible working patterns for teachers, improving work-life balance, creativity and, ultimately, student achievement.

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