Improving staff wellbeing during Covid-19

As the pandemic continues, and blended and at-home teaching become the new normal, it’s important to uncover how your staff are feeling, what their wellbeing concerns are and how you can support them.

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Do you know how your staff are feeling? Instead of second guessing, give your staff a voice and let them share their worries with you through our staff wellbeing survey software. It’s important to find out from staff what their wellbeing concerns are – it would be very difficult to tackle issues based on assumptions only

With Staff Pulse you can send regular anonymous surveys to help you to gather feedback on how staff are feeling and how the current situation is affecting them. Staff feedback from an anonymous survey provides real insight into their needs and concerns.

Staff Pulse helps you to identify key concerns and act on them quickly, showing your school community you’re listening and care about their wellbeing. Throughout this process you can ensure you keep staff informed and let them know of any results, any changes made and the outcomes.

How we can help:

  • Measure staff wellbeing  and give all staff  a voice

  • Understand staff concerns

  • Understand how staff are coping during remote teaching

  • Get honest and anonymous feedback

  • Give the support your staff need


Coronavirus-related questions

Coronavirus questions

During at-home and blended learning, it’s important to keep connected with your staff and understand their differing wellbeing needs and how you can support them. With Staff Pulse, you can ask specific coronavirus-related questions. Through the custom questions feature, you can choose from a selection of nine editable and optional questions. You can edit these questions to suit your own individual situation or simply use them as a guide to writing your own.


Understanding staff wellbeing

All your staff are different and you need to make sure you are supporting them all in the best way possible. Staff Pulse enables staff to give honest and anonymous feedback from over 80 questions from 21 key categories affecting their work life, from communication and support to workload. Some of your staff may not feel comfortable giving honest feedback in a group or in a one-to-one environment, Staff Pulse enables them to score and comment on situations affecting their wellbeing without the fear of judgement or repercussions.


Custom questions

Custom questions

Every school is unique and you’ll be faced with challenges and successes specific to your school. Our survey questions are comprehensive and cover the main areas of staff wellbeing, but if you’ve a particular set of concerns, you can add custom questions. You can select up to three custom questions to ask for each survey.


Two-way, anonymous conversations

Two-way conversations

As your staff continue to adjust to new ways of teaching, some staff may need additional support. With our conversation feature you can respond to individual comments, opening up lines of communication with your staff and allowing an anonymous conversation to begin. As staff can be completely honest in scoring and commenting, you can offer help and advice for staff who've indicated they're struggling or stressed, showing your staff you're listening and trying to make improvements.


"I'm extremely pleased with the insight to my staff that Staff Pulse has given me. By gathering weekly snapshots, I.m able to build a picture of how my staff are feeling, where the strengths are and, more importantly, where people feel enhancements could be made. In these trying times, Staff pulse gives my staff a voice with a quick survey, and allows me to respond with appropriate activities and communications."

Rob Campbell, headteacher, ClareMont Primary and Nursery School, UK



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