TesX: Alex shows how smartReach can solve your recruitment issues

Nicola Davison, Product

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Oh, hello there! Thanks for popping by… again!

This is the second post in our TesX series. If you can’t quite remember from our first post - and I don’t blame you because it was a long time ago! - TesX is the collective name given to a series of videos which showcase all the ways our products are supporting you in your roles.

The best bit? You’re hearing it all straight from the horses’ mouths... By which I mean our wonderful product team. We don’t have a super intelligent team of horses working here… yet.

So what have we got to show you this time?

Up this time is Alex Doyle, who has been working on smartReach. This is the snazzy new name for a tool which uses data science to intelligently match as many of the best possible applicants to available roles, including those that are typically hard to fill.

With this clever tool, we’re trying to not only solve schools’ recruitment problems, but also to help teachers in their quest to find the right role in the right schools for them. Watch on to find out more...

Find out more about smartReach

Next time, Hayley, another of our fab product managers, talks Team Groups and the ways in which cross-school collaboration can be made simple through their use.

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