Top 10 reasons to use Provision Map

Flexible learning plans, easy provision mapping, individual and whole-school costing reports, Provision Map has everything you need and is packed with features designed to reduce your workload and help you manage SEND efficiently.

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10 reasons to use Provision Map

Provision Map has built specifically for SENDCOs by a team of SENDCOs and ex-teachers. It’s used and trusted by more than 2,000 schools.

Here’s 10 reasons to try it:

1. Flexible learning plans. Our learning plans are very easy to use and are fully customisable to match in with what you are doing at your school.

2. Easy provision mapping. With Provision Map, putting effective interventions in place couldn’t be simpler. The system has been designed so you can easily enter details, schedule sessions, input costs, assign pupils and staff and upload files; and a huge provision library contains a list of interventions which you can add to or delete accordingly, which is an enormous time-saver.

3. Streamlining for reviews. Thanks to Provision Map, keeping on top of reviews is a breeze – automatic reminders ensure that they happen in a timely and organised way; while the software enables the process itself to be consistent, clear and purposeful.

4. Instant reports. The seemingly endless list of reports to be generated is the bane of many a SENDCOs professional life – but Provision Map allows cost, time, and outcome reports to be available at the click of a button.

5. Increased parental involvement. Parental engagement is one of the most transformative influences on student success – arguably especially so for young people with SEND. Provision Map offers the option of sharing a pupil’s plan with parents/carers, encouraging improved dialogue and effective collaboration.

6. Pupil passports/ Pupil profiles. More and more schools are realising the value of pupil passports, or ‘single page pupil profiles’ for sharing key information regarding students’ needs between different teachers and settings. Provision Map allows these to be created with ease, using customisable templates.

7. Smoother staff communication. Chasing various staff members for vital details about students can often take up a disproportionate amount of time for SENDCOs, which is why Provision Map comes with an optional School Robins plugin. When information is required, an email is sent out to all staff – and their replies are collated and attached to the relevant pupil.

8. Seamless transition. When a young person with SEND moves from one school to another, a huge amount of supporting information must be transferred, too. Provision Map streamlines this process, massively reducing the SENCO’s workload, and guaranteeing that plans, provisions, passports, files and meeting logs can be moved smoothly and securely between settings.

9. Clear outcome tracking. What matters for SENCOs, as for any teacher, is what works – and Provision Map makes it simple to track outcomes related to particular provisions and pupil groups, so that the right decisions can be made moving forwards.

10. Easy safeguarding. Safeguard my School is available as a plugin for Provision Map; with comprehensive data dashboards, simple compliance checks, and dynamic reporting tools, it represents another giant step for workload reduction

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