The value of regular staff surveys

Continuous feedback allows you to capture how your staff are feeling without impacting their workload.

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Regular surveys

To understand your staff and what issues they maybe be facing, you need more than an annual survey. To really create change for the better in your school, staff need to be consulted regularly.

Regular, short surveys can give you a good idea of what your staff think of specific issues in your school. Unlike an annual school survey, smaller surveys ask less, but more relevant, questions.

By providing a real-time snapshot of how your staff are feeling, you can respond quickly to any problems that might affect their wellbeing and happiness.

And that’s where Staff Pulse can help.

Staff Pulse is a survey tool to help you make informed decisions for school improvement, giving your school staff a voice through anonymous surveys. 

Here’s the benefits of using Staff Pulse:

Low maintenance: surveys are quick and easy to set up and you can schedule them to be sent on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

Pre-set questions: we’ve consulted an education psychologist who has specifically complied questions for the education sector which cover key areas such as workload and wellbeing.

Segment your community: support staff face very different issues than teaching staff, you can set your own segments and view real-time insights.

Create an action plan: once you’ve received feedback from your staff, you’ll have insight into which areas you can celebrate and which areas you need to focus on. 

Track and measure results: feedback is continuous, once you’ve put an action plan in place you can review feedback and you can also compare your scores to a national benchmark.

To see how Staff Pulse can help your school, contact us today: 

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