Job FAQs

Find out how to make the most of the UK's largest selection of education jobs with these handy tips and help topics. Refine your search as much or as little as you wish and create an alert to get the newest jobs, matching your criteria, land in your inbox.


How do I find my subject area?

To get to the subject listing, select the relevant workplace under Teaching and Lecturing first. On the next page, you'll see the subject listing. Please note that your subject will only be listed if there are jobs available.

How do I find jobs for my location?

Simply start your search by selecting the relevant region from the map from the jobs homepage. All locations will be listed on the left hand side of the resulting page. Simply select your location to find all available jobs. Please note that your location will only be listed if there are jobs available.

How do I save a job advertisement?

You can save a job advertisement by clicking on the ‘star’ button. This option is available in the search results and within a job advertisement itself.

  1. You can save job ads from your search results list or once you are within a job ad. Click on the star icon to the left of a job listing.
  2. Once you're within a job ad you can also save the job listing. You'll see the 'Save Job' link towards the top right. Your ad will be saved in 'My Jobs'

How do I search for jobs using a keyword?

  1. At the top right of the Tes website you’ll see a search box with drop-down menu (see image). Simply type in your search term(s) and hit the enter key on your keyboard
  2. Once you’ve carried out a general search you can then refine your search. For example, if you’ve searched for 'Maths Teacher' then the search results page should look like something the screen on the right
  3. You can also further narrow down your search by using the filters on the search results page.
  4. The screenshot on the right is showing the search results you get when ‘Teaching and Lecturing’ is selected from the filters.
  5. You’ll notice that more filters appear as you refine your search. You can further narrow your search results by postcode, workplace, subject, location, position, contract term and contract type.

How do I find my saved jobs?

To find your saved jobs, log in and click on ‘Jobs’ from the main menu followed by ‘My jobs’. You’ll see your saved jobs listed on this page. 

How do I remove job ads from 'My Jobs'?

Next to each saved job in your list you'll see an 'x' button. Click on this button to remove a job from your list. 

I clicked 'closing' and some jobs have gone. Why?

When you sort jobs by closing date, we only show jobs that are closing within next 7 days. Jobs with longer closing dates will not appear in the list.

Can I see expired job ads?

Yes, you can retrieve expired job ads for six months as long as they were saved in your 'My Jobs' list before the expiry date.

Job Alerts

How do I create a job alert?

You must be a registered member in order to create a job alert. You can create a job alert by using the ‘Job alert builder’ or by using a keyword search and then clicking on 'Save search & create alert'.

Option 1

Login and select ‘Jobs’ followed by ‘My Jobs’. Click on 'Create alert' and choose your search criteria to set up a job alert. You should also select when you want to get your alerts – choose from daily or weekly (sent every Saturday). You will only receive an alert when relevant jobs become available.

Option 2

  1. Log into your Tes account.
  2. Use a keyword to find jobs.
  3. Once you’ve refined your search with the filters on the left, you should have a results page similar to the screenshot.
  4. To turn this search into an alert, click on the ‘Save search & create alert’ option.

How do I manage a job alert?

You can manage the job alert by using the drop down option from with the My Jobs page.

This section lists all your existing job alerts. To edit the frequency of a saved job alert, click on the drop down menu and select the frequency. 

How do I delete a job alert?

To delete a job alert, simply click on the 'x' button next to the job listing.

Applying for a job

How do I apply?

To apply for a job, please log into your Tes account. Once logged in, select the job that you wish to apply for and click on 'Apply online'.

What is the maximum file size that I can upload?

The maximum file size that you can upload is 2MB.

Why can't I see the applications form?

Application forms are only available if they have been supplied by the school.

When can I expect a school to contact me after I have applied for a job?

A school will contact you in line with their recruitment policy and closing date.

I have sent a CV but have had no reply. What do I do?

If you have not had a response, please contact the recruiting employer directly to get an update on your application.

The school says they haven't received the application even though I sent it - what do I do now?

Please email with your user name and the school name.

How do I withdraw my application?

To withdraw an application, please contact the school directly.

Can my employer see I am looking for a job?

No. Information that you are looking for a job or have applied for a job is strictly private.