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Ask Tes Institute: how to prepare your QTS portfolio of evidence

Meeting the Teachers’ Standards is something that every trainee teacher will have to work towards in their journey towards Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) and in order to be recommended for QTS assessment these standards must be succinctly and clearly evidenced and uploaded onto Tes Institute’s online learning platform.
11 Nov 22

What is a ‘trail of evidence’?

The Teachers' Standards comprise the following:

  • Teaching (Part 1) - eight standards with sub-standards relating to each of those standards.
  • Personal and professional conduct (Part 2) - three standards relating to a teacher’s required level of conduct.

In order to address each standard, a trail of between two and four pieces of evidence and a clear justification statement is required to show that:

  • You have learnt something that relates to that sub-standard.
  • You have applied it in your learning.
  • It has made a positive impact on the teaching/pupils’ learning.

Example evidence trail

Sub-standard 7.2 - improving your behaviour management and using the school policy to put an effective framework in place. This is by no means a rigid structure for addressing a sub-standard but you might want to consider doing the following:

  • Evidence 1 - peer observation. You need to have observed an experienced colleague, make notes on the observation and what that teacher does to establish an effective behaviour framework. These notes are highlighted to exemplify the relevant comments, explaining how this is a good piece of evidence to start a trail with, what you have learned and how you plan to incorporate it into your teaching. You might also have an annotated copy of the school behaviour policy.
  • Evidence 2 – annotated and highlighted lesson plan and reflection form. Highlight and annotate a lesson plan it to make it very clear to the mentor, pathway tutor and assessor how you are going to incorporate what you have learned from the observation into a lesson.
  • Evidence 3 - formal lesson observation notes from the mentor and the learner's reflections in their lesson-planning document. You are observed by your mentor who identifies that you have successfully established a framework for discipline- this too will be highlighted and annotated.

When preparing your portfolio of evidence remember:

  • To keep evidence trails simple and clearly annotated, with a short justification statement about how it relates to that particular sub-standard.
  • That one piece of evidence should not be used more than three times.
  • To upload evidence on a regular basis but also at specified times during the programme, as agreed with your mentor and pathway tutor.
  • That you must collect evidence across the age range and relevant subject(s) you are going to be assessed in, from two contrasting schools.

Next steps

  • Familiarise yourself with your school’s codes of conduct and safety policies, including safeguarding, and ensure you understand and adhere to them (as you may need to evidence this within your portfolio)
  • View the different Teacher Standards' that need to be met
  • Read our blog about how to ensure you meet the Teachers' Standards'
  • Start thinking about standards that you may have already met and how you achieved it, you can use evidence from the past two years, but the best evidence tends to come near the end of the programme when you have developed into an outstanding teacher!
  • Look into arranging your second school placement

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