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Straight to Teaching: from Music to HTML

Oliver Moore – Unqualified Music teacher to Computer teacher: “I hadn’t even considered becoming a fully qualified teacher until Straight to Teaching.”
11 Nov 22

I had been working as an unqualified Music teacher for over a year before I discovered that I could gain QTS through Straight to Teaching. Due to the size of the school I couldn’t take regular time off to train to teach on a traditional route, but the fact that I could complete Straight to Teaching without leaving my school meant that it was the best option for me.

The enrolment process was smooth, with all the administration taken care of and the programme is structured well to encourage you to continually improve week after week. Now, when I think back to when I first started teaching, my lessons are completely different and, obviously, a lot better. I would say that every aspect of my teaching has improved whether it be differentiation, behaviour for learning, classroom management, planning, marking, giving feedback, assessment and more.

I would definitely recommend the Straight to Teaching programme, but you should be aware of the commitment required for the programme whilst working full time. I feel that I am a much better teacher than when I started and the positive impact on my pupils is noticeable, including better engagement from some of the more difficult pupils. 

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