Challenges with recruitment? Time to develop the Teaching Assistants in your school

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It's no secret that schools in England are facing a recruitment crisis- teacher training applications are down and many schools are being forced to accept candidates without the required qualifications for teaching posts.

Unfortunately it's a systemic problem which is likely to get worse in the coming years, with a demographic bulge of higher pupil numbers moving like a wave upwards through the school system. There are simply not enough teachers to fill the roles and so schools are looking for alternative ways to fill the gaps.

Teaching assistants: an untapped resource?

Perhaps for headteachers part of the solution is right in front of them: Teaching assistants. A recent survey conducted by Tes Institute showed that 3 in 10 Teaching assistants already have a degree and are interested in gaining QTS. Scaled up, this could total around 120,000 potential trainee teachers

In a new report, we look at how Teaching Assistants and support staff can be an effective source of qualified teachers, given the right support and development. Available as a free download, the report will show you how: 

  • To extend your workforce supply strategy to Teaching Assistants and support staff in your school 
  • A real primary school has overcome their recruitment problems  
  • To turn support staff into an organic source of motivated and committed teachers

* Based on data from the National Audit Office combined with a survey of 1,125 Teaching Assistants in England, conducted by Tes Institute in June 2017.