Observation ToolkitQuick View

Observation Toolkit

A range of observation tools that can be used to generate a discussion about teaching and learning rather than a judgemental observation.
Anagram CreatorQuick View

Anagram Creator

This is on powerpoint with a windows media player screen grab and voice tutorial on how to use the resource
Independent Learner Stuckboard - teacher break!Quick View

Independent Learner Stuckboard - teacher break!

This resource is a poster which gets pupils to solve problems without asking the teacher. The concept was created by a colleague (Kath Lowe) and was graphically designed by myself. We have printed this in our Home Learning diaries, it is printed on posters and is also used in Leaners' toolkits. Pupils have options when they are stuck and avoid asking for help when it is not required. Give yourself a break from spoon-feeding.
Question WallQuick View

Question Wall

'At the heart of Deep Learning is questioning' This question wall is aimed at taking the spade work out of planning. It has many ideas that can be used as a planned learning activity or spontaneously to change the course of the lesson. Press F5 to activate the powerpoint and click on the wall to open ideas. [The second wall is the 97_2003 Powerpoint format]