AQA  Science ISA Key Word WheelQuick View

AQA Science ISA Key Word Wheel

An idea borrowed from cheneyagilitytoolkit to help students master the terminology need for the AQA ISA controlled assessments, by an alternative engaging medium. The customisable word version can be found on my website:
Science APP Record SpreadsheetQuick View

Science APP Record Spreadsheet

This is an excel spreadsheet used to record and monitor progress of Science APP. There is a separate worksheet for each Assessment Focus (AF) and split into levels 3-8. When a student achieves a criteria you place a y in the cell, this will be highlight in green. If all the criteria are fulfilled for that level the record sheet will show the level. The record workbook will automatically update when a higher level has been obtained. If a student does not quite satisfy the criteria but has attempted it place an i in the cell, this will show up in orange. If there is no evidence for the criteria enter n and the cell turns red. This enables a clear visual analysis of what has been completed and what areas need to be addressed for both the teacher and student. There are examples on the AF1 worksheet.
OCR Chemistry A SpreadsheetQuick View

OCR Chemistry A Spreadsheet

A spreadsheet to record and track A-level Chemistry, Biology and Physics modular results. the spreadsheet displays graphical information on the progress and achievement of each student. Password is cHEMISTRY
Aromatic Compounds HandoutQuick View

Aromatic Compounds Handout

Aromatic Compounds; Azo Dyes, Arenes and Phenol reaction revision maps to accompany F324: Rings, Polymers and Analysis
Shapes of Molecules (VSEPR)Quick View

Shapes of Molecules (VSEPR)

Scan each side of the cube with the Augment app (available on both iOS and Android) to reveal the six main molecule shapes. These can then be manipulated to explore the molecule.
Snakes and Ladders Board GameQuick View

Snakes and Ladders Board Game

Used as a revision tool for any subject. Before the lesson prepare 49 questions on separate pieces of paper (numbered) along with the answer, one for each square on the board. In small groups students roll the dice and move forward the number of places shown. In order to stay on this square they have to answer the corresponding question correctly, if they don't they move back to where they came from. The only exception to this is if you land on a snakes head, as this will automatically move them downwards without the need for a question.
Will a fruit battery charge an iPod?: ElectricityQuick View

Will a fruit battery charge an iPod?: Electricity

Investigating the myth that a fruit battery will charge an iPod through changing the metal electrodes and the fruit. Video link on You Tube: Extension activity to determine the current output and how this relates to voltage.