Storyboard Template (6 boxes)Quick View

Storyboard Template (6 boxes)

Blank template to use for storyboarding activities in all subjects with boxes for students to draw pictures and lines for written descriptions.
Ways to make 10c worksheet Quick View

Ways to make 10c worksheet

Use with plastic coins - children draw around the coins to make 10c in as many ways as possible. Hand write 10c on each price label before photocopying.
Fiction or Non-Fiction? HandoutQuick View

Fiction or Non-Fiction? Handout

Used as a homework sheet but could be used as part of a lesson. Pictures of book covers, children should write 'fiction' or 'non-fiction' under each.
Count the faces; edges; vertices of 3D shapesQuick View

Count the faces; edges; vertices of 3D shapes

Use with 3D shapes on each table. Children should pick up and handle the actual 3D shapes before and while completing the handout. Remember to reinforce that the handout shows depictions of 3D shapes, and not the shapes themselves.
Which material is strongest? HandoutQuick View

Which material is strongest? Handout

Used with the properties of materials unit. We tested the strength of various materials by cutting them into bag templates (each table had a different material) and then counted how many weights they could hold before breaking. The first half of the handout was completed before the experiment, and the second half once we had finished the experiment.