Speech and language activities PowerpointQuick View

Speech and language activities Powerpoint

A PowerPoint containing activities that can be used whilst delivering speech and language intervention remotely. Fully editable so that you can add your own sounds/pictures/words. Each slide contains an activity or a game that can be used by sharing your screen with a child who is learning from home. (There are ideas for counters/pieces for the game on each slide too) In this PowerPoint, there are some activities which you can use as they are, and a slide with a generic board game which you could use (along with an interactive dice) to make a regular speech and language activity more fun. SALT images from Mommyspeechtherapy Game boards from Twinkl
3D Shape Wanted PosterQuick View

3D Shape Wanted Poster

This is a fun activity for children to practise developing their knowledge of 3D shapes. The children can choose a shape from the 3D shapes sheet and cut it out. They can then stick that shape on to the wanted poster and design a character around it. At the bottom of the wanted poster they must name the properties of the shapes, stating how many edges, sides and corners it has. They can also write any special powers that their criminal might have!
An Odd and Even ChallengeQuick View

An Odd and Even Challenge

This is a resource which worked well with my more able group, children conduct an invsetigation to find out what happens when you add two even, two odd, or one of each number. It encourages them to repeat their sums in order to check they are correct, as well as developing their understanding of odd and even numbers. The lower ability sheet has the sums already written for them.
An Odd and Even Christmas TreeQuick View

An Odd and Even Christmas Tree

A fun activity to re-visit the odd and even numbers, children colour in the odd and even decorations according to instructions. Just an easy maths activity for the end of term!