CFE Termly Maths PlannerQuick View

CFE Termly Maths Planner

Plans are for early level of CFE and cover the following topics: measure, time, addition and subtraction, fractions, data and analysis, angles, symmetry and transformation, number processes and patterns and relationships.
DinosaursQuick View


I made these resources for a Primary 3/2 class but they could be adapted for older children. The powerpoints provide information and aid discussion about dinosaurs and their features and how they lived. I used the word documents as a follow up and the children worked with a partner to complete these activities. I hope they are of use.
Shape workbookQuick View

Shape workbook

Range of shape worksheets that children have to read clues, colour different shapes and find 2d shapes in the classroom. Also 2 powerpoints that illustrate patterns and 2d shapes.
Handwriting DemoQuick View

Handwriting Demo

Powerpoint which shows children where to start the letter and how to form it. Children enjoy watching the magic pencil write the letters.