Revision Booklet IGCSE PE CIEQuick View

Revision Booklet IGCSE PE CIE

I absolutely cannot take credit for this, the vast majority has been taken and adapted from djhf20s amazing booklet ( Since there are very few resources for the CIE IGCSE scheme of work I have adapted the booklet and added in the necessary topics to make it specific to the CIE exam board.
GCSE PE, Respiratory SystemQuick View

GCSE PE, Respiratory System

Used in my latest theory observation lesson, the power point goes through what students need to know about the respiratory system for edexcel using thinking maps.The assessment arrow I used was printed double sided and laminated.
GCSE PE MotivationQuick View

GCSE PE Motivation

Lesson plan and worksheets for the CIE IGCSE syllabus. The competition used was the Basketball shooting games killer, it took 10-15 minutes out of the theory lesson
Form Time RotaQuick View

Form Time Rota

Just a simple rota I use and stuck up on the form board so students are aware of what is happening every day. It helps to build a routine