Physical descriptionsQuick View

Physical descriptions

A worksheet/booklet to learn or revise physical descriptions. Pupils can colour in or draw the correct pictures. At the end of the booklet they write a few sentences about themselves, a friend (masculine) and a friend (feminine). Can be adapted or translated into other languages.
En ClaseQuick View

En Clase

2 IWB files, 1 PPT presentation and a couple of worksheets to cover En Clase in Mira 1 for beginners in Spanish
Household choresQuick View

Household chores

An IWB for a short activity on household chores as well as PowerPoint presentation to introduce new vocabulary
Personalities / ComparativesQuick View

Personalities / Comparatives

2 PowerPoint documents (one for personality adjectives and another one for comparatives), a class survey table and 4 starter activities
Colour adjectivesQuick View

Colour adjectives

An IWB file for introducing the rule of colour adjectives (place and agreement) as well as the rule and table for pupils to stick in their books