The Bad-Tempered Ladybird by Eric CarleQuick View
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The Bad-Tempered Ladybird by Eric Carle

Some of my activities, worksheets and information to support this excellent story. Some are original, others found and/or modified from the web. The song on YouTube is aprticularly popular with my 5-6 year olds.
Critical thinking skillsQuick View
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Critical thinking skills

Long term overview of how to incorporate critical thinking skills across the learning areas. Other topics covered: Behaviour/classroom management.
SNAILSQuick View
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Captions, ideas that can be cut and pasted to add to a project on snails. All references provided.
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A ‘homework’ sheet + note to send home (A3) to invite mums to darw a picture of themselves. Simple idea - effective home-school link.
WEEKLY PLANNING featuring Child Initiated LearningQuick View
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WEEKLY PLANNING featuring Child Initiated Learning

A weekly ‘timetable’ with CIL factored in - open to a high degree of FLEXIBILITY. Times are approximate, but gives an idea of proportion of teacher-led and child-initiated. As teacher-led activities are completed CI can take over in Indoor Activities section. NB Am not in UK system
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Poster of H C describing retelling of story in chn’s own words, explaining literacy devpt Worksheet comparing book and video of HC
Gardening/Growth TopicQuick View
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Gardening/Growth Topic

A cover page and inside pages for a Gardening Journal. Adaptable to suit class needs Final sheet is an evaluation with quotes given by my class (need deleting for your use) showing diverse range of interest in the project
Gruffalo : T chartQuick View
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Gruffalo : T chart

Another resource to adfd to everybody else's. I have aqdapted another poster's descriptions and made a T chart (yes/no) to simplify.
BugsQuick View
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<p>Various captions; descriptions; activities for this project include: Hungry Caterpillar; butterflies; ladybugs; habitats; bugs in general. All in Word so can be adapted to suit your needs.</p>