KS2 Homework Spelling Menu with 35 Different  ActivitiesQuick View

KS2 Homework Spelling Menu with 35 Different Activities

A spelling menu with 35 different ways to practise for KS2 children. I took activity ideas from a variety of spelling menus and designed one big one for children to have in their homework books. Most activities should be easy for the children to access at home and there are lots of examples of how to complete the task for them to refer to.
KS1/2 Science Club PlanningQuick View

KS1/2 Science Club Planning

11 weeks of science club planning for KS1/2 - some of my own planning and some ideas taken from other resources with links to the websites you will need. Some plans are more detailed than others but they cover the steps for the investigation and the science behind it. All resources needed are listed as well as extension ideas for most of the investigations. If you spot any mistakes please feel free to let me know! Investigations covered are: -Giant Bubbles -Balloon Rockets/ Paper Planes -Digestive System -Expanding Gummy Bears/ Skittles Chromatography -Lava Lamps/ Volcanoes -Oobleck/ Making Slime -Fruit/ Playdoh Circuits -Surface Tension - Swimming Fish -STEM Challenge - Spaghetti and Marshmallow Tower -CHRISTMAS - Bath Bombs/ Salt Crystal Candy Canes -CHRISTMAS - Parachutes for Santa
KS1/KS2 Word Work Spelling ActivitiesQuick View

KS1/KS2 Word Work Spelling Activities

40 spelling activities for both KS1 and 2. I have split them up into half terms but you could use them in any way that suits you. I have had to remove some images so I have added both a PDF and PowerPoint version in case you want to edit and add in your own example pictures for your class.