Martin Luther King, I have a DreamQuick View

Martin Luther King, I have a Dream

I used this lesson in a P.M. obs, it's pretty much self explanatory with seperate resources for differentiation. To improve the lesson further in differentiation i changed the thinking hats task to suit individual students levels, e.g. - Target level 4a would do tasks for level 3,. 4 and 5 , target level 5 would do tasks levelled 4,5,6. Hope you find it useful
Utilitarianism review lesson and applied ethicsQuick View

Utilitarianism review lesson and applied ethics

I used this lesson for an OFSTED observation. It is designed to be taught over 3 consecutive 50 minute periods. The students had previously been given a paired reseacrh task on either Hare and Sidgwick, this was the basis of the beginning of p1. My group are very able so you may wish to stretch this over 4 periods for a less able group. The info on Abortion and Euthanasia i photocopied from a textbook. Hope you find it useful
Natural Law Part 2Quick View

Natural Law Part 2

I taught this as one lesson as we have 3 periods on a monday morning, however it could easily be broken up. (i also provided them with a fact sheet on Naturalistic Fallacy) but this was given to me on a paper copy.
SexismQuick View


This fits into the OCR topic on Religion and Equality. The Powerpoint covers 2 lessons - the PART E ESSAY being set for homework. There are differentiated resources and writing frames as i reach set 1 and set 4. I hope you find this useful
Martin Luther King.  The Bus BoycottQuick View

Martin Luther King. The Bus Boycott

Used for a PM obs. Previously work on MLK’s early life, Racism in America, then lessons looking at the violent and non violent approach inlcuding activities comparing MLK to Malcolm X. The task uses De Bono’s thinking skills. I have a display in my classroom explaining the style of each coloured hats, for example is an evaluative skill. One where the student is asked to criticise, in this case methods of protestors on both sides or the fact the boycott took a long time etc. Any questions please inbox me :-) I hope you find it useful
RacismQuick View


This is meant to be a 50 minute lesson but i ended up doing the AO1 part 'd' quesiton in the second lesson. The you tube link needs to be vetted first - it does contain a storng racist theme. But the pupils appreciated the message it put across and i had no complaints. The part 'd' question and AO1 peer assessment is for the OCR board.
Symbolism in Religion Water and LightQuick View

Symbolism in Religion Water and Light

A few things i have tried with year 7. You will need to adapt the light triad for the water (i cannot find my original). The students really enjoyed these lessons. Please give constructive feeback. or feel free to differentiate and re-upload.
Resources on KantQuick View

Resources on Kant

Both powerpoints cover the full content of Kant's theory of Ethics and morality. I have borrowed ideas from other users, for which i am greatful they shared them. I teach OCR Philosophy and Ethics, and used tasks from Bowie (mainly the example from ww2) to help them to apply the theory. We had a lot of discussion where necessary along the way to break this up. The second ppt is aimed towards evaluation. The strengths and weaknesses of Kant's theory.
OCR Racism and ChristianityQuick View

OCR Racism and Christianity

This is a lesson that suits the current OCR GCSE B - B604 Religion and Equality. It can however be easily adapted to suit other needs. You will need the A02 marking criteria to support the final assessment task. It suits students of HA/MA.
Pray/SalatQuick View


These are ideas adapted from the 'Muslim' REtoday book which we got this year. There is one worksheet which is missing because i can't scan it. It's the 'situations' one. Although you could make up your own situations. Hope you find it useful Cinders x
Contraception and ChristianityQuick View

Contraception and Christianity

Powerpoint, sorting activity (taken from unknown source). Also a starter activity to introduce the key words. It is useful if previous to the lesson or previous to the sorting activity a discussion is had with the class about what they already know about contraception. I have also hidden the key contraception words around the classroom for a word hunt.
Suffering, God's SacrificeQuick View

Suffering, God's Sacrifice

A ppt and necessary worksheets which teach the students about the suffering of Christ on the cross. AFL embedded. As another task you could use the picture task for the students to self assess their work - how well did they do on the task and what do they have to do next time to improve etc... Taught with YR 9 Mixed ability.
Religion, War and Pacifism Revision aidsQuick View

Religion, War and Pacifism Revision aids

There are OT quotes and NT quotes picture acitivity for War and for Peace. They make good revision aids because they can be cut out. I also took the liberty of adding a ferw notes for the students and reminders for how explain the meaning of the teachings.