SK18Maths Revision Booklets - Foundation key skillsQuick View

SK18Maths Revision Booklets - Foundation key skills

I created these booklets last year before I had seen the new GCSE exam. I will update them in the summer of 2018 and add a geometry and ratio and proportion booklet too. Some images are taken from old Edexcel papers, Corbett Maths and other websites. As I created these over a year ago I cannot remember where some of the images came from but if it looks like your work then I am more than happy to reference you too.
SK18Maths Sequences Rich TasksQuick View

SK18Maths Sequences Rich Tasks

This is a selection of Rich tasks to use over a sequence of lessons on sequences. The slides are designed to be slotted in to a sequence of lessons to enhance the lesson, opposed to being a PowerPoint on teaching sequences. Enjoy!
SK18Maths Topic Checklist Year 12 CoreQuick View

SK18Maths Topic Checklist Year 12 Core

This checklist is based on the Edexcel AS level scheme of work. It can be found at Level/Mathematics/2017/specification-and-sample-assesment/as-l3-mathematics-specification.pdf
SK18Maths Circles Matching Task - Area, Perimeter, CircumferenceQuick View

SK18Maths Circles Matching Task - Area, Perimeter, Circumference

A matching task designed to develop fluency in finding the area and perimeter of circles. There are three cards that do not match the rest of the cards. An extension is to make the cards that fit these distracters; in some cases this will require starting with the circumference or the area and working backwards. Answers are provided for the matching pairs. The print out for the matching task is pre-jumbled so you do not need to worry about cutting them out prior to the lesson.