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Roald Dahl Addition Lesson - Worded Problems

Studying Roald Dahl as your lower KS2 topic? Then don’t waste anymore time planning a cross-curricular maths lesson! This lesson contains differentiated worded problem cards for children of all abilities to complete. All of the questions contain problems involving characters from Roald Dahl’s children’s stories! Challenge children to not only find the most appropriate method of solving the 7 problems, but also get children to spot the 2 questions which are the odd ones out! (These involve subtraction rather than addition methods, but can the children spot this?!) This resources comes with 14 differentiated worded problem cards, a ready to use lesson plan and a PowerPoint document in order to introduce the lesson to your class. Finished early? There is even 3 challenge questions (1 LA question, 1 MA and 1 HA!)