Que hay en tu ciudadQuick View

Que hay en tu ciudad

A worksheet for year 7 Spanish based on Viva 1 vocabulary. The worksheet uses a sentence builder to help pupils develop their vocabulary, word order and agreements. Can be used as homework, revision or cover.
Writing strip - new GCSE FrenchQuick View

Writing strip - new GCSE French

I have created this writing strip to support my year 11s in writing more independently and prepare them for the new GCSE requirements. This is an idea from twitter, started by someone in English. I cannot remember who.
Ville de reve ou ville de cauchemar 3Quick View

Ville de reve ou ville de cauchemar 3

A third lesson based on Module 4 De la ville a la champagne, focusing on using 3 tenses about what there is and there is not in a town - translation and reading skills reinforced.
Au bahut - school facilities - new AQA GCSE StudioQuick View

Au bahut - school facilities - new AQA GCSE Studio

A lesson based on the Studio Foundation book for French AQA introducing key vocabulary related to school facilities. The lesson contains a domino game to reinforce and revise vocabulary related to school facilities, a picture description task , a reading task, a writing task and a plenary.