Mitosis and cell divisionQuick View

Mitosis and cell division

This resource contains a starter sheet (starter is a quiz - from TES), video Q and answers, PowerPoint, A3 timeline and differentiated HWK (easy, medium hard - or for MTG - C, B, A). \nStudents complete the starter quiz, and update the clock with their current knowledge on mitosis and cell division. They then watch the video (from the BBC) answer the Q on the sheet, and update their clock. Main task - they work in groups of 3/4, and produce a timeline on the stages of mitosis. Pipe cleaners/Plasticine works well. Card sort provided plus extension Q and answers. Enjoy!
Sound and lightQuick View

Sound and light

This resource consists of a PowerPoint, starter sheet (with the key words, LO's, title and confidence chart) and main task sheet. \n\nIt may be useful as an introduction to sound and light. The resources were created for an observed lesson. The three LO's were:\n1. To describe amplitude and frequency \n2. To explain the transmission, production and reception of sound \n3. To compare the speeds of sound and light\n\nEnjoy!
The kinetic theory of matterQuick View

The kinetic theory of matter

Useful for KS3 pupils studying solids, liquids and gases. Resource consists of PowerPoint, glossary, blank A4 summary sheet, extension Q and information sheets. \nPupils work in small groups, and use the information sheets to answer the summary Q on the sheet. \nEnjoy!
Reflection, refraction and diffractionQuick View

Reflection, refraction and diffraction

Simple PowerPoint on the properties of reflection, refraction and diffraction. Contains starter, main and plenary, with review checks and key words. Suitable for KS4 pupils.
Could life exist elsewhere in the solar systemQuick View

Could life exist elsewhere in the solar system

This activity can be used at the end of the topic on the solar system. It consists of a PowerPoint, and 3 differentiated (easy, medium, hard) quiz questions on the planets. Students can work in small groups and be allocated a planet. They can use the planet information to complete the 'Facebook' template for their planet. They then answer the quiz questions at the end. Have also included a glossary, and literacy place mat with all the key words for the topic. Enjoy!
IGCSE CIE Biology alternative to practicalQuick View

IGCSE CIE Biology alternative to practical

This resource consists of 4 A3 worksheets, each based on a specific exam question from the IGCSE CIE Biology alternative to practical paper. I made these sheets for my class, and they provide support and instructions of how to answer the Q. Ext. Q also included on the sheet. Should be printed in colour. Enjoy!
Intro to heating and coolingQuick View

Intro to heating and cooling

Title: How does the volume of the same thing effect how hot it gets? \nThis resource consists of a blank thermometer, which should be printed on A3. The card sort should also be printed and given to the students, to place along the thermometer. Main activity is the practical (very simple) and have attached the booklet with the aim, equipment, diagram, results table and conclusion. \nEnjoy!
ReflectionQuick View


The resource is useful at the end of the topic on light and reflection. It consists of a starter quiz, confidence chart, card sort (easy, medium, hard), mark card, A3 worksheet and PowerPoint. \nStudents classify each statement as true/false, correct the false ones, and fill out the confidence chart. They then rotate round the 4 workstations, and fill out the A3 sheet. Pupils rate their understanding at each workstation (/5) and then update their confidence chart at the end. \nEnjoy!