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Eduqas Component 1 Writing Narrative and Planning Complete Lesson

Complete 60 minute lesson on Narrative, Idea Generation, Improving Writing and Planning in line with the new Eduqas/1-9 English specification. This can be taught as a technology-free lesson with no need for smartboards or projectors and also contains a competitive 'team' element where students compete for points, thereby resulting in a discussion-based, lively and dynamic lesson that culminates in a 10 minute planning exercise which replicates the exam's Section B component exactly. Lesson plan includes differentiation opps as well as detailed instructions on how best to use included resources. This pack contains: Detailed lesson plan, resources for 5 different activities, planning worksheet, additional teacher's notes and some add-on help for students who may struggling. The Narrative Workshop is designed to focus on the planning stage of Eduqas/1-9 English Component 1 Section B, wherein students must create a fictional prose piece based on a title, first line or prompt. It covers concepts such as: · How genre influences linguistic choices, sentence structure and overall tone · How to connect plot ideas in a logical sequence · How to choose vocabulary to suit style and genre · Using first sentences to develop plot and character · Components of a story, timelines and logical progression · Putting it all together in a ten-minute story plan