Quick and Easy Music Cover LessonQuick View

Quick and Easy Music Cover Lesson

A simple cover lesson for music when you're on a course or a poorly person! Only resources required are A4 plain paper and colouring pencils. Everybody's happy!
Child Friendly Level Descriptor PostersQuick View

Child Friendly Level Descriptor Posters

On my travels as a KS2 and KS3 music teacher I have developed these posters to help children recognise what level they are working at. I encourage children to refer to them as often as possible and they went down well with OFSTED recently. I hope someone else finds them helpful! :0)
Music Assessment Sheet for PupilsQuick View

Music Assessment Sheet for Pupils

I have developed this sheet for use with Year 5 and 6 children but it could be used easily in Year 7. I have based it on the target sheets that children use in their exercise books in literacy and numeracy. Each 'I can&' sentence is taken from the Attainment Targets for Level 3 and 4 in Music.
Ode To Joy with ChordsQuick View

Ode To Joy with Chords

Helpful for teaching basic chord patterns and tonic and dominant. Also good for practising fingering on the keyboard.
Artist Of The Month - Listening/Appraisal StarterQuick View

Artist Of The Month - Listening/Appraisal Starter

This is a powerpoint to be played whilst introducing the new artist of the month. You will need to choose a Monkees song to with it. I ask children to listen to the song and then afterwards to share with a partner what they thought about the song and why. Their partner then shares their opinion with the class. OFSTED loved this as a starter. For the rest of the month I just choose another song to listen to and compare and contrast. the kids love it and often go away and research or prepare a powerpoint for me! :0)