shapes and their propertiesQuick View

shapes and their properties

This worksheet shows 2-d shapes and asks pupils to name the shape and then fill in the table with how many sides and how many corners each shape has. The second page is an extension with 3-d shapes - how many faces, edges and corners.
counting in 2'sQuick View

counting in 2's

IWB presentation showing pictures of different feet to assist counting in 2's. Starts with 2,4,6 upto 24. then random numbers - just pictures and children have to count how many feet and then check. (Pictures of feet are varied and interesting!)
shape matchingQuick View

shape matching

Match the shapes to their names, shows 2 types of square, rectangle and triangle. Also helps those who need to improve coloring skills! Ideal for foundation or possibly year 1.
count and colour the shapesQuick View

count and colour the shapes

Mixture of 2D shapes, different sizes and different orientations that need counting and then colouring in certain colours.