Hospital / Doctor Role Play SetQuick View

Hospital / Doctor Role Play Set

A few resources to set up a hospital or doctor’s role play area. Includes room signs, ID badges, prescription pads, patient examination pads, appointment sheets.
Christmas Tree TimerQuick View

Christmas Tree Timer

A 4-minute whiteboard timer. Can the children tidy up / finish the work before the Christmas tree is decorated and the snow falls? Please note that you may need to download the sound file from Microsoft clipart if it’s not already on your computer (it’s the ‘Oh Christmas Tree’ song - sound clip MSj04379000000) or add your own preferred sound to show that time is up.
Marbles TimerQuick View

Marbles Timer

A Power Point timer: a jar fills with marbles as two minutes tick away. Useful for encouraging pupils to complete work, tidy up, etc. in a limited time scale.
Butterfly TimerQuick View

Butterfly Timer

A powerpoint based timer to encourage tidying up or finishing an activity within a two minute (approx!) time. Can the children tidy up / finish before the 20 butterflies fly in and land on the flowers?
Phonic Blending CardsQuick View

Phonic Blending Cards

A set of cards having the major phonemes on arrow shapes that fit together to make cvc words. Useful for synthetic phonics. Black & white to save colour ink(!) but could easily be coloured in if required.
Rhyming LottoQuick View

Rhyming Lotto

Six sets of boards and matching cards with pictures and rhyming words (e.g. board=cat, matching card = hat).
Five Little Men in a Flying SaucerQuick View

Five Little Men in a Flying Saucer

Resources to make an interactive display / resource for this counting rhyme. Includes a copy of the rhyme, a flying saucer and two lots of five ‘aliens’ - so that they can be glued back to back enclosing a lollystick to to make puppets if required. (alternatively add velcro strips to the aliens and saucer).
Ten Green Bottles AnimationQuick View

Ten Green Bottles Animation

Animated powerpoint of the Ten Green Bottles song. The bottles teeter and fall as you left click or press the enter key. This allows time for singing the song or for reinforcing maths ideas between bottles.
Ten Fat SausagesQuick View

Ten Fat Sausages

Resources to make an interactive display / resource for the counting rhyme Ten Fat Sausages. Includes a copy of the rhyme, a ‘pan’ and ten numbered sausages. I have included reverse images of the sausages so that they can be stuck back to back. You could either use the sausages as puppets, or use velcro strips to attach them to the pan.
Birthday Cake DisplayQuick View

Birthday Cake Display

A simple resource for displaying the birthdays for the current week. Includes a chart for the days fo the week and a sheet for making name labels which can be stuck on to the appropriate day with tacky or velcro as required. Also included is a birthday cake picture, with an adjustable number of candles. (In Word, so candles can be taken away by simply deleting them, or added by cutting and pasting - different sized candles are included).
Self Assessment Traffic LightsQuick View

Self Assessment Traffic Lights

A simple traffic light display resource for self-assessment - combines smiley / stern / unhappy face with simple colour code (green, orange, red) for children to indicate their level of understanding / comfort level for a given piece of work.
Five Little MonkeysQuick View

Five Little Monkeys

An A4 copy of the counting rhyme Five Little Monkeys plus pictures to make an interactive display - five monkeys numbered 1 - 5 and a ‘mummy monkey’. The reverse pictures of the monkeys will allow you to stick two same number monkeys together, sandwiching in a lolly stick or similar to make simple puppets.
Making WordsQuick View

Making Words

A Power Point presentation which spells out cvc (and two vc) words from the letters s a t p i n. Timed to allow space for teacher / TA imput - can you think what the next letter might be? etc. Hopefully a useful reinforcement tool for beginning phonic blending.
Reception Sight Vocabulary Go Fish CardsQuick View

Reception Sight Vocabulary Go Fish Cards

A set of playing cards with the Foundation / reception sight vocabulary words which can be used for Snap, memory games or ‘Go Fish’ (rules for Go Fish given). Words are placed on the cards to enable them to be fanned out or held in a card holder (simple instructions also given).
Ten Green BottlesQuick View

Ten Green Bottles

Resources for an interactive display for the counting rhyme Ten Green Bottles. Includes a covering page and an A4 page with wall and numbered bottles.
Counting FlatsQuick View

Counting Flats

A simple table top aid to counting, addition and subtraction to 20. As the (multicultural) people cards to use with the main board are in sets, (different hair styles, hair, etc) this could also be used to help with simple multiplication or division.
Five Sticky LollipopsQuick View

Five Sticky Lollipops

Resources to make an interactive display or simply use whilst saying the counting rhyme ‘Five Sticky Lollipops’. Includes a copy of the rhyme and five numbered lollys.
Jammy Number GameQuick View

Jammy Number Game

A number game using jam jar pictures based on the traditional flounders game. Each player has a different jam jar, with number spaces 1 - 6. The players roll the dice and cover the number space which has the same number. The winner is the first person to cover all the numbers on their jar. Could also be used for simple counting or counting activities, so each variety of jam has extra fruit counters. (Also helpful if counters get lost!)
Phonic ShopQuick View

Phonic Shop

A phonic activity based on 'buying' pictures or whole cvc words with alphabet coins. Coins; two pictures for each initial sound; and a 'shop' game board template are included. Could be used as a group game or an independent activity to reinforce phonic knowledge. Appropriate for Early Childhood Education (Pre-K and younger). ECE-MA, ECE-MA-co
Melvin Goes for a WalkQuick View

Melvin Goes for a Walk

Simple power point presentation in which ‘Melvin’ walks along a street. Each building has one of the 45 reception high frequency words written on it. Can the children read the words as Melvin walks past?