Under the SeaQuick View

Under the Sea

Editable cross curricular termly plan for an under the sea topic for KS1 or Scottish CFE First level.
Seaside TownQuick View

Seaside Town

This cross curricular topic introduces children to the concept of a seaside town. Through exploration and investigation work children will learn about social historical changes and the natural environment of a seaside town. Through exploring the seashore, identifying living things which live in the coastal environment, creating food chains and investigating human uses of the coast. To add breadth and depth to this topic, children can progress to learning about the importance of coastal conservation.
Sorting living thingsQuick View

Sorting living things

Activities to classify common seashore objects into living and non-living groups. Can be carried out on the beach or in the classroom.
Label the birdsQuick View

Label the birds

A collection of worksheets of varying difficulty. Identifying basic anatomical features of birds to more detailed descriptions. Cut and stick, fill in the missing word, match, label. Gannets, puffins and gulls
Rockpool animalsQuick View

Rockpool animals

A collection of handouts and activities about rockpool creatures. Sort; color; count; graphs; fill in the missing word and a word search for fun.
SealsQuick View


A collection of worksheets on seals. Labelling, reading, highlighting, sorting, classifying.
Seal and marine mammal art packQuick View

Seal and marine mammal art pack

A collection of lesson plans and art activity ideas; finger puppets; wax etchings; sculptures; jewelry; light catchers; clay; wire mobiles; poems.
Seabird ClassificationQuick View

Seabird Classification

A collection of handouts to help children identify and classify seabirds. Seabird classification key; which gull is which and which auk is which.
Seashore SafetyQuick View

Seashore Safety

Example seashore codes of conduct. Children can use the templates and agree on a given code of conduct, they can write a class code or write their own. Perfect before a class trip to the beach. Editable to include your own site specific risks i.e cliffs, quicksand, mud flats.
Flight and feathers ExperimentsQuick View

Flight and feathers Experiments

Experiments to encourage children to investigate the shapes and jobs of a Bird's wings and feathers. Also a website for a Seabird Organization in Scotland that contains useful information.
sculptural seabird hatsQuick View

sculptural seabird hats

A collection of 15 art activities based on seabirds and the seashore. Hats, puppets, sculptures, logo designs, clay. Feathers, shells, gannets, puffins.
What is a bird?Quick View

What is a bird?

A collection of handouts: what is a bird?; what is a seabird?; which gull is which?; which auk is which?. Varying in difficulty children can use these handouts to sort and classify birds.
Amazing PuffinsQuick View

Amazing Puffins

Activity is to design a fun fact sheet about puffins. Discuss, research, design and present your information all about amazing puffins
Lethal Litter in our seasQuick View

Lethal Litter in our seas

Handout and activity ideas to get children thinking about how litter in our seas and on our beaches endangers our wildlife. Discussions; litter picks; surveys; presentations; displays; posters.
Conservation of our CoastlineQuick View

Conservation of our Coastline

Cross Curricular termly children will have: explored the seashore; identified living things which live in the coastal environment; created food chains and investigated human use of the coast. They will develop this knowledge and gain an understanding of the importance of conservation of the coast in this topic.
Pollution at seaQuick View

Pollution at sea

Activities to encourage students to look at the impacts of oil pollution on seabirds; including an investigation on the effects of oil and detergents on feathers.