Creation storyQuick View

Creation story

This is a simple powerpoint to help children understand the idea that God created the world in seven days. I use it as part of Judaism.
Rainbow WritingQuick View

Rainbow Writing

This is an introduction to rainbow writing which is a way of teaching children about verbs, adjectives etc.
What's inside a churchQuick View

What's inside a church

A worksheet for finding out what objects are inside a church. The children have to decide whether the objects belong in church or in a house.
ICT MultimediaQuick View

ICT Multimedia

This shows the children how to use different effects to make their work more interesting.
NighttimeQuick View


I made this power point up to help teach my year 2 class about night time for their SAT's writing. It is meant to introduce them to what goes on at night when they are asleep and then they can research the areas on the power point on their own to extend their writing.
Character ProfileQuick View

Character Profile

I designed this to help pupils think of what was needed when writing a character profile.