Primary Framework - Year 5 objectivesQuick View
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Primary Framework - Year 5 objectives

All the Year 5 maths objectives in order using A1, B1, C1, D1, E1 etc rather than A1, A2, A3. Showing ression across the year rather then through units.
Drawing polygonsQuick View
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Drawing polygons

A PPT showing a puzzle to create 5 different sized squares and 8 different sized right angled triangles on dotty paper.
Partitioning; ordering and rounding whole numbers and decimals to 2 placesQuick View
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Partitioning; ordering and rounding whole numbers and decimals to 2 places

A PowerPoint showing partitioning, rounding and ordering. Some slides are self-explanatory, some will need some teacher input. Opportunities for students to show understanding with short examples to be completed on whiteboards. Individual teachers can add independent work at the end of each section if necessary.
Tudor MathQuick View
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Tudor Math

A cross curricular handout involving a variety of types of calculation and puzzles. Also uses ICT.
Music AssessmentQuick View
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Music Assessment

Music assessment key words - singing, movement, solo, improvisation, percussion, orchestra, pulse, rhythm, notation.
Snowman MathQuick View
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Snowman Math

Powerpoint math puzzles for K-2. Several puzzles to complete to help the snowmen have a good party.
PPT - SequencesQuick View
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PPT - Sequences

I will be using this to help students with sequences. It covers whole number sequences using addition and subtraction, decimal sequences, sequences that extend beyond zero, multiplication and division and introduces the concept of squre cube and prime numbers in sequences. Nothing flashy, but covers the basics.
A bin for thoughts.Quick View
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A bin for thoughts.

A very simple poster to display by a worry/thought box. In word so easily adaptable for your needs.