Basic Reading Comprehension Activity SheetsQuick View

Basic Reading Comprehension Activity Sheets

A range of sheets which develop and assess childrens understanding of what they read by following a simple sentence. Children will however need a concept of colour to use effectively. Ideal for use in a workstation or structured activity for children with ASD.
Snowmen NumeracyQuick View

Snowmen Numeracy

Four sets of Snowmen related activity packs for various aspects of numeracy, with suggested activity ideas card to support use making it ideal as a take home activity. The editable version in ppt. format allows you to make changes and create your own games/ activities. An optional sheet for sets 2-4 identify the possible aspects of development being addressed through the suggested activities. Set 1: Colour/ matching, Set 2: Numbers and numerals. Set 3: counting and adding. Set 4: Sizes
The Very Hungry caterpillarQuick View

The Very Hungry caterpillar

Interactive story (powerpoint) of the very hungry caterpillar, using photos. A selection of visual resources to accompany story (a good alternative to sparkleboxes). Various types, duplicates in different styles for your choice.
Rhyming pairs/ lottoQuick View

Rhyming pairs/ lotto

18 pairs of rhyming photos, colour coded in sets to prevent the activity from becoming overwhelming. Print and laminate cut out as needed to make lotto or pairs
Handa's Surprise visual propsQuick View

Handa's Surprise visual props

Set of photographic cards to use with Handa's Surprise. a) Photos of fruits. b) Photos of fruit cut in half. c) Photos of animals. d) Words of the fruit and animals. Print and laminate, use to accompany story/ talking point/ matching/ reading sight words.
Animals/ habitat photo matchingQuick View

Animals/ habitat photo matching

Print and laminate this powerpoint presentation (I don’t have an alternative programme) Cut out the small pictures and match to apporpriate board, some are not as easy as others. Good discussion, consolidation and assessment tool and good for independent activity.
People who help us, photo/ symbol cards how do they helpQuick View

People who help us, photo/ symbol cards how do they help

Photos of 12 people who help us supported with symbols, matching cards with photos/ symbols of situations in which the people can help. Use to make flip books, pairs, lotto, matching or as a basis for discussion. Print and laminate, it is is powerpoint due to easy production. Be aware of the photo that matches the paramedics although not graffic may scare without support.
Garden friends maths gamesQuick View

Garden friends maths games

A resource consisting of a range of bugs, flowers and leaves. For a range of games relating to colour matching, ordinal number, matching quantity to numeral and simple addition.
Minibeast lotto, symbols/ photosQuick View

Minibeast lotto, symbols/ photos

A selection of lotto cards. B+W symbols Colour symbols Photos with words Photos without words Words. Select required pages, print and laminate for lotto, discussion etc. Ideal for sen, autism.
Healthy eating sortingQuick View

Healthy eating sorting

Three sorting cards to sort food into eat lots, eat everyday, eat occasionally. Using red, orange green. Print laminate and cut out foods
Five Superheroes Number RhymesQuick View

Five Superheroes Number Rhymes

Number rhyme i created to tune of five little snowmen fat or simply spoken. Rhyme card, little superheroes and a4 sized superheroes with blank spaces for you to add whatever you want to chest adapting rhyme to your needs e.g. putting shapes/ letters/ numbers and adapting the rhyme as an assessment/ tool by changing to rhyme for 'one flew off in a flash' to 'square flew off... etc.
Mother and baby matchingQuick View

Mother and baby matching

Two lotto boards with matching mother and baby creatures e.g. Pig-piglet, lady-baby, dog-puppy. Print and laminate, cut up one set e.g. babies to match to mother.
Hooray for fish pictures and wordsQuick View

Hooray for fish pictures and words

Set of cards for printing and laminating, for aid story telling, ordering or matching words. Hooray for fish is THE most wonderfully simple yet lovely book, simply a must have.
Mini beast song bookQuick View

Mini beast song book

A book with songs and rhymes about mini beasts (a page a beast) includes index. Print, laminate and bind.
The Very Hungry Caterpillar gameQuick View

The Very Hungry Caterpillar game

Simple board game, to move hungry caterpillar around board eating all food until he turns into a butterfly. Can also be used as a story telling aid. Includes hungry caterpillar die, and instructions.
Christmas Tradition LottoQuick View

Christmas Tradition Lotto

Christmas Lotto of traditional Christmas things e.g. cracker, nativity, Christingle, tree. Ideal to encourage discussion. Either copy two and laminate for lotto or one set to aid discussion.