Spanish Quiz - General KnowledgeQuick View

Spanish Quiz - General Knowledge

I have put together a wee quiz to introduce pupils to Spanish through some general knowledge on culture and language, several of the slides are timed so just click, sit back and enjoy!
Present - Irreg Verbs (avoir, aller, faire, etre)Quick View

Present - Irreg Verbs (avoir, aller, faire, etre)

All year groups seem to love doing these songs, despite my singing I've put hyperlinks in the ppt to my blog where I upload youtube clips that I found so that you can hear the tunes I use for each verb. I can't take credit for the youtube creations. Enjoy. Comments are most welcome!
Countries - Les Pays/Ou habites-tu?Quick View

Countries - Les Pays/Ou habites-tu?

2 x 1 hour(ish) lessons to teach countries and masculine/feminine/plural for in en/au/aux. Usually for S1 pupils who maybe have some prior knowledge of countries and should have already done Geography of Europe. Lesson plans have Scottish CfE outcomes. Couldn’t add Inquizitor game, if you want it just email me. I added a .swf game instead which is also on my blog


my pupils enjoy songs, it works! for ETRE, u play the army sergent and u call out 'je suis, tu es, il est, elle est' and the class echo, u then do the next part and the pupils echo. I've added a couple of games to practice. I've used it with all age groups. links on ppt to youtube clips.pls comment