Levers, planes and axes and movement analysisQuick View

Levers, planes and axes and movement analysis

This is for the new AQA GCSE PE specification. It includes a student workbook and all the PPT's match up to the workbook. There is a practical lesson and the answer sheet has been uploaded to. There are lots of tasks in the work book to help students understanding.
OrienteeringQuick View


This is a great resource. They were running between 15-20mins non stop without complaining. They were brilliant and my class is a mixture of ability and behavior. The instructions on how to do the activity is included in the resource. Its really simple to explain and cross-curricular. If you have time it would be nice to know what you thought of the resource. Hope its as useful to you as it was for me.
Fitness Testing Task cardsQuick View

Fitness Testing Task cards

These fitness testing task cards have been created to be used by students to carry out the fitness tests independently. \n\nThey have been designed for the new BTEC course but you could use for KS3 but may be a little advanced.
Dribbling and turning peer assessment sheetQuick View

Dribbling and turning peer assessment sheet

This peer assessment sheet has been created for year 7 football. It's designed as a flowchart rather than a typical tick box sheet as something different. You can change the teams at the bottom. I picked the top 6 teams currently in the Premiership at the time of producing this assessment sheet. If I were to change it I would probably pick the bottom of the table, middle and top. A selection across the teams. However, I'm sure the students wouldn't worry what team was on it.