Role Cards for Critical Thinking skillsQuick View

Role Cards for Critical Thinking skills

Suitable for any subject, these cards can help differentiate tasks or help students develop a new skills set. The sentence starters are helpful for those who need scaffolding. Use with own class protocols, this will be a plus in any debate, discussion or problem solving task.
Cells and tissuesQuick View

Cells and tissues

Specialised cells, 4 types of human tissue. Both worksheets can be used as a revision aid. Specialised cells printable can be cut up and used as a matching game, a card game of 'happy families', a game of 'who am I'. Tissues have a section where students can draw types and a revision game of 'who am I' at the end.
Research Paper Guidelines and Assessment RubricQuick View

Research Paper Guidelines and Assessment Rubric

Use this document to help structure students' research essays. Can be used as a supplement to resources or as a student workbook/guide to their writing. Extended Essay, IB Diploma, Research Paper, Project Paper, Academic Essay.